Smallmouth Bass



The smallmouth bass could be called the perfect gamefish.

A willing biter, it is quick to strike an artificial lure and equally quick to make a spectacular leap and throw the hook. Although it is an excellent table fish, many anglers place such a high value on its sporting qualities that they release any smallmouth they catch.

In lightly fished waters, catching smallmouth is not much of a challenge.

In remote regions of the northern states and Canada, for instance, anglers routinely bag dozens of smallmouth a day. But in waters where angling pressure is more intense, fishing is a lot tougher. Populations have been fished down to the point where all of the "dumb" smallmouth have been caught. And the smallmouth that remain have more living space and more food, so they are more difficult to find and catch.

To locate smallmouth, today's angler must be well versed in smallmouth behavior and seasonal movement patterns. To make them bite, he must be familiar with a wide variety of live-bait and artificial-lure techniques.

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Anyone who picks up this book is sure to be attracted by the beautiful full-color photography. But it is much more than a picture book. It contains more facts on smallmouth bass than have ever been assembled under one cover. The major contributors, like Rich Zaleski from Connecticut, Tony Bean from Tennessee, and John Herrick from Minnesota, rank among the country's leading smallmouth anglers. This wealth of information, more than the average angler could unearth in a lifetime, will eliminate most of those days when the fish just won't cooperate.

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