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Fishermen throughout North America are catching and bringing home more fish than ever before. And their catch is no longer just bass, panfish, walleyes and the like. The modern angler is also catching salmon, striped bass and other gamefish introduced in freshwater lakes and reservoirs.

With the ever-growing variety of gamefish, along with ever-increasing grocery bills, it pays to become more versatile in all phases of fish cookery.

The first section in this book features the different methods and equipment you need to keep your catch in top condition until it reaches the cleaning table. Step-by-step photographs and instructions guide you through the various cleaning methods, from field dressing and filleting to more involved techniques for cleaning catfish and removing bones from northern pike.

The second section acquaints cooks with all of the popular methods for cooking fish. Nutritionists make a sound case for more fish in our diets. But fish can be boring if it is always prepared the same way. Many youngsters grew up thinking that fish is always fried. Many of these people dislike the taste of fish; that is, until they try it by another method.

Close-up photographs show numerous shortcuts and tips to help you master the various cooking techniques, from baking to poaching to smoke-cooking. Each method is complemented by a cooking chart to help you retain the natural flavor of fish. Prepared by home economists, the charts recommend ideal cooking times for different types of fish. Of special interest to novice cooks are photos showing how to present fish attractively at the table.

In the third section, the cook is led into a new world of cooking and eating adventures. Recipes cover everything from appetizers, salads, soups and chowders to main dishes such as stuffed fish, casseroles and omelets.

The last section contains easy directions for making exotic-sounding dishes such as seviche and gravlax, as well as procedures for canning and pickling fish. These preserving techniques are not complicated, and all can be done easily at home.

While this book is primarily for the family that catches its own fish, it can be helpful for the cook who buys fish at the store. Many gamefish, including walleyes, lake trout, rainbow trout, catfish, northern pike and perch, are sold over the counter.

Whether you purchase trout from the grocery store or catch a basket of bluegills from your favorite pond, this book provides all of the basic information you need to successfully clean and cook your fish.

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