For decades, walleyes have been the favorite of freshwater anglers throughout most of the northern states and Canada. And the walleye's popularity has spread to other parts of the country as a result of widespread stocking, especially in southern and western states.

It is not surprising that the walleye is held in such high regard throughout North America. When walleyes stop biting, they can frustrate expert fishermen, so there is a great feeling of accomplishment when you discover a successful pattern. Another reason for the walleye's popularity: the white, flaky fillets are unequaled on the dinner table.

The purpose of this book is to help you catch walleyes more consistently. When walleyes are biting, anyone can bring home a limit. But when they do their disappearing act, it takes a great deal of knowledge and skill to find and catch them. This book will show you the most advanced walleye-fishing techniques and equipment and help you develop a better understanding of walleye behavior.

The first chapter, Equipment, helps you determine what tools you need for the type of walleye fishing you do. It includes everything from rods and reels to sophisticated electronic devices like Loran-C navigators. An easy-to-understand section on flashers and graph recorders will show you how to adjust and interpret these devices to get the most information from them.

Understanding the Walleye is the most complete and accurate description of walleye behavior ever written in popular form. Author Dick Sternberg, a professional biologist in his own right, teamed with other prominent walleye biologists to write this exceptionally interesting and informative chapter. Other contributors included Dennis Schupp, one of the top walleye biologists in the United States, and Dr. Richard Ryder, one of Canada's premier walleye experts. Others like Dr. Dwight Burkhardt, who pioneered research into walleye color vision, lent their expertise. The insights provided by these authorities are sure to be a big help in formulating your walleye-fishing strategies.

Where to Find Walleyes details seasonal movement patterns in every type of water in which walleyes are found. Color photographs show the most likely places to find walleyes in each season in waters ranging from shallow, fertile lakes, to big rivers to mid-depth reservoirs. By reading this section and relating it to the waters you fish, you will greatly reduce the time needed to locate walleyes.

In the final two chapters, Basic Walleye-Fishing Techniques and Techniques for Special Situations, author Sternberg combines his extensive walleye fishing knowledge with that of Tom Neustrom and Gary Roach, two of the country's most versatile walleye fishermen.

Basic Walleye-Fishing Techniques shows you how to select good walleye water, how to recognize structure that holds walleyes, and how to learn important boat-control techniques. This chapter details the live bait and artificial lure techniques needed to catch walleyes in the situations you normally encounter. You will learn the intricacies involved with feeling bites and setting the hook when using a slip-sinker rig, how to present a jig and detect the subtle strikes, and how to master lesser-known techniques like slip-bobber fishing.

Techniques for Special Situations goes far beyond the basics. You will learn how to catch walleyes that are buried in dense weeds or in timber on brush. This chapter also reveals secrets used by the experts to catch walleyes after a cold front, in ultra-clear water and during the spawning period, the times when fishing is toughest. An extensive section on ice fishing rounds out the book. You will discover how to locate walleyes during the ice-cover season and the best techniques for catching them, including tip-up fishing and jigging through the ice.

This book reflects the state-of-the-art in modern walleye fishing. It includes a great deal of detailed scientific information, yet is written in a clear, concise manner, making use of hundreds of color photographs to help tell the story. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced angler, this book will add a new dimension to your walleye fishing.

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