Smallmouth Bass

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shows you what to look for when selecting rods, reels and line; boats and motors; electronics; and even waders. Some fishermen make the mistake of purchasing expensive but useless equipment, thinking it will miraculously improve their fishing. This chapter will tell you what equipment you need-and what you don't need.

Understanding the Smallmouth
shows you what makes smallmouth tick. You'll learn about their spawning habits, how they detect danger, the type of habitat they prefer, what they eat and how weather affects them. We'll also show you how different levels of competition in different waters can alter the smallmouth's behavior, and how these differences affect your fishing strategy.

Where to Find Smallmouth
is a quick reference for locating smallmouth in every type of water. Whether you fish in natural lakes, manmade lakes, or rivers, this chapter will show you exactly where to find smallmouth in each season of the year. We've added a new feature to this volume of The Hunting & Fishing Library, a guide to premier fishing waters in North America. This thoroughly researched guide will put you on the smallmouth in a hurry and save a lot of wasted trips.

Basic Smallmouth
Fishing Techniques
describes every live-bait and artificial-lure technique a smallmouth angler needs to know, from bobber-fishing with leeches to fly fishing with bass bugs. Many smallmouth fishermen tend to get in a rut-they use the same bait and technique regardless of the type of water or time of year. By familiarizing yourself with the techniques in this chapter, you will become a much more versatile angler.

Techniques for Special Situations
takes you way beyond the basics. You'll see how the experts can turn tough or unusual fishing conditions into a smallmouth bonanza. We'll show you an assortment of little-known techniques and tips that will help you snake smallmouth from weeds and brush, and irritate them into biting around spawning time. You'll discover how to bag trophy-sized fish, how to take advantage of the smallmouth's aggressive nighttime habits, even how to catch smallmouth through the ice, something that most fishermen consider impossible.

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