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Smallmouth Bass
The smallmouth bass could be called the perfect gamefish. A willing biter, it is quick to strike an artificial lure and equally quick to make a spectacular leap and throw the hook. Although it is an excellent table fish, many anglers place such a high value on its sporting qualities that they release any smallmouth they catch.

Largemouth Bass
More American anglers pursue largemouth bass than any other freshwater gamefish. The main reason: bass fishing is exciting. Once you experience the head- shaking leap of a largemouth, chances are you will come back for more.

Northern Pike & Muskie
If you're looking for "fish stories," you won't find them in this book. What you will find is a wealth of straight information on pike and muskies, along with hundreds of spectacular color photos, that will help you catch them more consistently.

The purpose of this book is to help you catch walleyes more consistently. When walleyes are biting, anyone can bring home a limit. But when they do their disappearing act, it takes a great deal of knowledge and skill to find and catch them. This book will show you the most advanced walleye-fishing techniques and equipment and help you develop a better understanding of walleye behavior.

In stream-trout fishing, versatility is the key to success. Trout streams undergo dramatic changes over the course of the year, and no single technique can be expected to work all the time. In spring, when heavy rains and snowmelt cause streams to run high and muddy, fly fishing is tough.

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