Largemouth Bass

Table of Contents

The Largemouth Bass
All About Bass
Typical Bass Waters

Where To Find Bass
Bass Movements Through the Season
Reservoirs & Natural Lakes
Rivers & Backwaters
Small Streams
Pits & Quarries
Weather & Bass Locations

Bass Boats
Small Boats & Inflatables
Depth Finders
Rods, Reels & Line
Plastic Worms
Subsurface Plugs
Surface Lures
Jigs & Jigging Lures
Spoon Plugs & Spinners
Weedless Spoons & Fly Lures
Live Bait
Selecting Lures & Bait

How To Catch Bass
Finding the Pattern
Fishing for Bass on Structure
Fishing for Bass on Man-made Features
Fishing for Bass in the Weeds

Special Situations
Cold Fronts
Suspended Bass
Hot Weather
Clear Water
Murky Water
Fluctuating Water Levels
Spawning Bass
Schooling Bass
Stream Fishing
Night Fishing

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