About Publishing in Spanish

The time is right!

If you're thinking about publishing in Spanish, your timing couldn't be better and we'll be happy to share our experiences and the experiences of others like yourselves who have gone down this road before you.

Because we have been working with publishers and corporations publishing in Spanish for years, we frequently monitor the activities of US publishing houses as they consider and test the market for their Spanish language titles.

Although this movement may appear to be a recent phenomena, the activity of US publishers entering the marketplace with Spanish titles has been growing slowly for more than twenty years.

Elusive target

The US Hispanic reader preferring to read in Spanish has been an elusive target for the English-language book publisher hoping to expand their market share into this rapidly growing market segment.

Our conversations with book publishers - both small and large - considering translating their English language titles into Spanish are always full of concerns about what other houses are doing or thinking of doing. Their concerns center on whether the market is strong enough to warrant their expenditure of time and money developing Spanish titles, which titles are best suited for translation, the translation process, how best to distribute to this niche market and the best avenues for advertising and promotion.

Most are especially concerned about finding reliable distributors with experience and broad reach in the Hispanic community.


In fact, the conversations always center on effective distribution alternatives – the weakest link in the publishing chain for successfully launching new Spanish titles in the U.S. So, over the following weeks and months, we'll share information about reliable distributors offering access to the Hispanic reader and invite you all to pass along resources that might be helpful to others like yourselves entering the market.

Our experience in this market segment leads us to firmly believe that facilitating an open exchange of information on how best to effectively reach the US Hispanic market can only benefit everyone involved in this industry.

If you're a publisher of books, magazines, or newsletters considering publishing in Spanish for the first time, these pages will hopefully give you additional information and resources for making more informed marketing decisions.

So we invite you to check back often as we constantly expand this publisher's resource with more on distribution, market demographics, translation vs. rights, cross-cultural issues, sales and marketing and promotional opportunities.

We invite your comments and recommendations for additional material and resources to be included by sending us an email.

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