Selling in Mexico, Canada, China or Japan?

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Language Translation & Typesetting
of your Advertising, Packaging, Brochures or PressReleases?

Selling in Foreign Markets?
If your company is selling in foreign markets (or planning to), wecan help. For years, we've been working with major companies in the translate their Advertising, Packaging, Brochures, User Manuals, VideoScripts and Press Releases into all major languages.
Working with an ad agency? We translate and typesetinto their original electronic files like QuarkXPress or PageMaker and returnthe files ready to output to film, lino positives or direct to digital press...without moving the graphics! Keep the "look" you have in yourEnglish materials with accurate copy translation and typesetting in Spanish,French, Italian, German, Portuguese, Chinese, Korean, Japanese or any othermajor language. Our more than 800 translators are seasoned professionalswith many years of experience in their profession and experience in yourindustry as well.

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