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Trade Typesetting Services
for Translation Agencies

Stop losing and start winning larger projects!

In this difficult global economy, corporate clients are demanding full-service agencies that can handle all aspects of their projects. And our experience shows that Desktop Publishing (DTP) poses the biggest challenge to most agencies.

Partner with us and our worldwide network of Desktop Publishers, and you'll have the competitive edge to win those larger projects.

Our confidential typesetting services allows your agency to focus your time and resources on what you do best – translation, editing and proofreading in your language pairs of choice – and allow us to provide the typesetting and creation of proofs and final documents. And we do it at trade prices that allow you to add a reasonable margin for your time.
It 's a win-win for you and your clients.

So stop losing and start winning larger projects!

The next time a project surfaces and you'd like to have us work with you on some or all of the language versions, send us a copy of the project – either as a pdf or source files (best) – and we'll get back to you with any questions and then give you a prompt estimate.

We've been in this fast-paced and demanding industry since 1988. So, if you're new to the process - ask questions. We'll see that you get the answers you're looking for.

Confidential relationships
And remember, our confidential relationship with your agency is always protected 100%...our reputation and continued success depends on it!

Thank you for stopping by – we look forward to hearing from you soon! To mail or upload your documents for a prompt analysis and pricing, click here now. For more information on our typesetting services click here.