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The Process
If you or you clients are looking for publication or web design, we can help. Our network of graphic designers can create brochures, manuals, advertising, and web sites for your marketing efforts. Send us samples to give us an idea of what you're looking to create - or - we can take it from concept to comp. The initial consultation is provided at no expense to you or your clients.

Languages Supported
Our most popular and often requested languages for multilingual design and typesetting are French (Canadian and European) , Italian, German, Spanish (Latin American and European) and Portuguese (Brazilian and European) in Europe and Latin America. And the leaders in the Asian language group are Chinese (Simplified and Traditional), Japanese and Korean.

However, we provide design and typesetting support for a whole range of other world languages including:
Arabic, Baluchi, Bosnian, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dari, Dutch, Estonian, Farsi, Greek, Hebrew, Hindi, Hungarian, Kurdish, Latvian, Lithuanian, Norweigan, Pashto, Polish, Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Sindh, Swedish, Thai, Turkish, Urdu, and Vietnamese. The more exotic languages frequently have more restrictions on the applications, versions and platforms supported.

Applications Supported
The applications most often requested for design and typesetting services are QuarkXPress, InDesign, PageMaker, Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, and Framemaker. We also support the MS Office suite of applications - Excel, MS Word, and Powerpoint. We provide support for all these in both Mac and PC platforms. Support will vary by language and there is almost always a way to work with your source application, language and version. That's why we ask for detailed information with your estimate request.

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