Typesetting Capabilities

We can work with the following applications:


Claris Works, Framemaker, MacWrite, Nisus, Pagemaker, QuarkXPress,
RTF, MS Word, WordPerfect, Works WP, WriteNow, etc.


Ami Pro, Claris Works, DCA-RFT, Framemaker, MS Works, MultiMate, Office Writer, Professional Write, Pagemaker, QuarkXPress, RTF, Text, Word DOS. Word for Windows, WordPerfect (DOS and Windows), WordStar, XYWrite, etc.

File Transfer Options
Send us your original materials as:

Hard Copy
(Fax, Mail, or Overnite Services)
On Diskette
(Floppies, Zip 100mb or Syquest 44/88)
Via Modem
(AOL, CompuServe or E-Mail).

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