Legal Language Services

Looking for legal translation services for your documents, tapes, and correspondence – delivered on-time and at competitive rates?

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Since 1988, Rancho Park Publishing Inc. has specialized in the translation, editing, proofreading and expert formatting of legal documentation into and from all major languages
accurately and affordably.

About our translators
Experience – our translators, editors, and typesetters have been in this profession for at least ten years, often more. Advanced degrees at the Master’s and Doctorate levels in language studies and other areas of specialization are common.

Court certification – if your case requires certification available in the target languages at the State or Federal level, let us know and we’ll provide the qualified language professional you are looking for.

Specialization – in addition to professional language preparation, all of our translators have additional training and experience in a variety of specialties (medical, pharmaceutical, IT, advertising, marketing, etc.).

Prompt, Free estimates
If you have documentation, presentations or audio tapes that you're considering converting into or from all major languages, we suggest sending us electronic files, a fax or hardcopy and we'll get back to you with any questions and a prompt estimate. Our contact information is here.

We've been in this fast-paced and demanding industry since 1988. So, if you're new to the process - ask questions. We'll see that you get the answers you're looking for.

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