We need Asian language versions of our English materials. What's involved?


A very large portion of our business day-to-day consists of converting English language publications into Chinese, Japanese or Korean versions. Typically, we receive an English brochure or manual in QuarkXPress or InDesign and are asked to return one or more language versions ready to go to press. As a client of a translation agency, for example, we will extract the English text and deliver it to the agency for translation by their team of linguists.

Once completed and proofread, we hand the Word or text files off to our typesetters who will format to match the English as closely as possible, convert to eps outlines and place the eps files back into the English original document. This permits printing in the US without having to purchase and maintain the operating system, fonts, DTP operator and language version for each of the Asian language pairs. PDF proof versions are exchanged until the final formatting is to the client's satisfaction and then final localized files are delivered.