How do I get a quote for a pending project?


We need to receive samples of the project with as much information about the parameters as possible.

For a preliminary or budgetary quote that can be fine-tuned when all source files are available, we can work with Adobe Acrobat PDFs of the source files. If the files are less than 5 MB, they can easily be uploaded as an email attachment. For larger files, click here to access our FTP server upload page. When you send the preliminary files, we also need the following basic information:

1. Source file information:
What is the actual application, version and platform the source files were created in - QuarkXPress 6.5 for Macintosh or InDesign CS2 for PC, etc.

2. Text Extraction:
Will the source English text need to be extracted for translation. If so, in what format - MS Word (mac or PC), Text files, RTF files, etc.

3. Deadlines:
How much time is available from receipt of all source materials to first PDF proofs?

4. Deliverables:
What form is the final file to be in? How will the final localized files be used - going straight to the printer (high resolution press-ready PDF), and/or formatted for posting on a website (low resolution for on-screen viewing) or returned in original application for further editing by the client.