Blue-Ribbon Trout Streams


"Finding a good place to fish is one of the biggest problems facing the average stream-trout angler. In most regions of the country, prime trout water is at a premium, and local anglers are not too generous when it comes to volunteering information on their favorite stream. If you try contacting state or pro vincial natural-resources agencies to find a productive fishing spot, you may be disappointed with the information they provide. These agencies often avoid advertising their prime trout streams for fear of attracting too many anglers and causing trout populations to be overfished.

You can find some information in trout magazines, but chances are you won't fmd anything on the region you're interested in fishing. To help fishermen make their choice, Hunting and Fishing Li brary researchers spent months gathering information on the continent's best trout and salmon streams. Information came from knowledgeable anglers, guides, biologists, game wardens, outdoor writers, members of our own staff, and anyone else who had fished or studied a lot of trout streams. The information presented here includes not only the names of the best streams, but the types of water, the most productive reaches and the major trout or salmon species present."